Raising Money For Charities, Events, Community Projects

The majority of our stores are located within small to medium sized communities across the Northwest of England. On average our customers live within 5 miles of our stores so we rely heavily on the custom of those that live within the communities in which we serve.

As a way of being able to give a little something back to the communities where our stores are located Sunseekers aims to raise money through fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

Examples of worthwhile causes could be the purchase of computers for a local primary school or a monetary donation to a local charity that our customers can empathise with.

How Do We Raise Money For Good Causes Within Our Communities?

For a period of 12 months we will raise money for two charities, events or community projects that are based within the communities we have stores. We will raise money in three ways;

Monetary donations from individuals and organisations that support the causes we are raising money for.

Fundraising events that our tanning consultants will be involved with (i.e. fun runs and other challenges).

In-store promotions with a % of the sales going towards the causes we are supporting.

We Could Be Fundraising For a Charity, Event or Community Project That You Support

Please contact us if you know a local charity, event or community project that Sunseekers could help support. Provide as much information as possible about the cause you are asking us to support and hopefully we may be able to make a contribution to raising funds to support the charity, event or community project.

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