This beautiful vertical unit is designed to maximise the tanning potential of your session while providing a feeling of air and space which is unique to stand-up tanning.  The Matrix V28 is designed with ease of use in mind and your clients will love the ability to customise their tanning environment to their preference.  Every part of the body is bathed in light, encouraging a gorgeous, golden tan.


  • 28 x 650watt UVA bulbs offer you an all round body high pressure tanning experience.  This high pressure tanning technology emits more UVA than low pressure tanning meaning you will develop a tan much more quickly.
  • Open exposed panels means a less claustrophobic tanning experience.

Why We Love It So Much

The results from just 1 tanning session on this sunbed are as fantastic as the sunbed itself looks

The Matrix V28 is installed at the following stores

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