The KBL 6700 is the little sister to the KBL 6800 although it offers exactly the same tanning performance.  The only difference is that the KBL 6700 has less cosmetic LED lights and does not come with the option of air conditioning or spray mist.  


  • They are fitted with 26 UV tanning lamps in the canopy and 20 lamps in the base to ensure you get the deepest and darkest tan
  • They are spacious with an ergonomically designed bench to offer maximum comfort
  • You have 3 UV output options so you can choose between a softer more relaxing tanning experience to a more intense results driven experience (you must ask a tanning consultant to set your desired level.  The sunbed is set at the intermediate level as a default setting)
  • Stereo and MP3 connectivity so you can experience ultimate relaxation
  • 4 high intensity Vitamin D lamps are installed in the canopy

Why we love it so much

We love it because our customers love the results so much and always ask time and again for this sunbed on each visit.


The KBL 6700 is installed at the following stores

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