The newest addition to the Ergoline family!  The Affinity 700 offers state-of-the-art sunbed technology and looks fantastic.  One of the new highlights of this sunbed is the intuitive and convenient glass control panel with large display making operation easier than ever before. Simply select the desired function and adjust using plus and minus.


  • 46 UV lamps with new Advanced Performance technology offer a significantly improved tanning performance in the body area compared with previous models
  • In the face area, the Ultra Performance Plus technology with 3 facial tanners and 2 additional UV-B 0.3 spaghetti lamps guarantee optimum tanning performance
  • New easy to use control panel to manage the different features of the sunbed (i.e. fan control, facial tanning intensity control)
  • Stereo sound system complete with MP3 player connectivity allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes whilst you relax 

Why we love it so much

It’s the latest model in the Ergoline family which means it uses their latest design features such as the new and improved control panel

The Ergoline Affinity 700 is installed at the following stores

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