Our reputation has been built on customer service

We believe that our reputation has been built on the high level of customer service provided by our tanning consultants.  Our training programme provides our tanning consultants with the knowledge and resources that not only makes us compliant with The Sunbed Association’s Code of Practice but also exceeds these guidelines. 

We are therefore confident enough to make this customer care promise to our customers:

On your first visit to Sunseekers you will receive…

  • A client consultation card that you will have to complete with assistance from one of our tanning consultants
  • An analysis of your skin type by one of our tanning consultants who will then recommend a suitable length of time for your tanning session so that you tan safely and enjoy the tanning experience (please note that if we feel that your skin is not suitable for tanning you may be refused permission to use our tanning equipment)
  • A thorough explanation of all the controls on the tanning equipment you are allocated so that you can utilise all of its features such as air conditioning and music channels
  • An information card detailing all of the services we offer in store along with our opening hours, full pricing and contact details

On every visit to Sunseekers you will receive…

  • A warm welcome from one of our tanning consultants
  • The reassurance that our tanning consultants regard your continued safety when using our tanning equipment as a priority and so will always monitor the frequency with which you have used our tanning equipment and the length of each tanning session on previous visits
  • A guarantee that all of our tanning equipment is inspected once a week by our maintenance team to ensure that all of the lamps are working and that none of the lamps have exceeded 80% of the manufacturer’s life expectancy
  • An assurance that the tanning equipment you use has been thoroughly cleaned before you use it as well as an inspection of the tanning room

As part of our commitment to customer care we advise that the following people should avoid using tanning equipment; 

  • Under 18 years old (we suggest a spray tan)
  • Those under medical supervision
  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetics (we suggest a spray tan)
  • People who are hyposensitive or hypersensitive to light
  • Those with Skin Type 1

We also recommend that the following people should speak to their doctor before using tanning equipment;

  • People that have moles that change appearance when exposed to sunlight
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Suffer with allergies
  • Suffer frequent headaches and migraines
  • Have Epilepsy
  • People that have a heart condition


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